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Really hot and straight guys with big dicks are getting into gay porn. Watch as they quickly forgets about the pain, and only pleasure stays as they feel a gay cock pounding deep inside them from behind.

‘Next Door World’ give us one of the most amazing futuristic fantasies around. It’s kill, or be killed; either that, or you become the hunted. It’s a story about the best gay porn stars trying to survive another day, and it’s a movie filmed by which is going to make you cream your pants. Damien West is with Max Carter and they are desperate to seek shelter, and safety. There aren’t many survivors about, and those that are living, wear very little to the imagination as even good clothes are scarce and hard to come by. The wear what they can, which is good for all us horny men out here watching. It’s a fight for freedom too, and in a war zone, even straight men can get a little lonely and need the help of another man.
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Max Carter who is dressed up in army gear on top, a jockstrap and boots below, manages to get a hold of someone (Paddy O’Brian who was in part 1) on an old army radio. He is desperately running out of food and needs shelter, but he does have weapons. Paddy gives him his address, but all insists he doesn’t talk to any strangers, and then he hangs up.
Max goes back to his friend Damien West to explain about his call, and also to tell him that they are going to be ok, and not to worry. Damien looks a bit frightened as his girlfriend hasn’t come back yet, but Max holds onto his shoulders and gives him a big wet kiss on his soft velvet lips. Damien, who loves gay guys with big dicks, and he not only accepted the kiss, he kisses him back with a desperate urgency which makes Max feel hot and horny.
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There is something deliciously naughty about kissing a straight man who hasn’t been with another man before, especially when he smells of the grease that he has smeared over his handsome face.
Max is quick to get both their rock hard cocks out of their pants and starts stroking at the same time as Damien carries on kissing him and stroking his firm tight butt. Damien leans against a wall and groans with desire when Max squats down and sucks on his eight inch fat cock and heavy ball sack. Max spits on Damien’s dick first, then he licks it all up before he goes down on him again and gives him an amazing nut busting blowjob.
Damien gets into sucking on his first ever gay cock which he finds intoxicating, and before he knows what’s really happening, Max has turned him around and eats out his virgin asshole with his probing tongue. Max rolls on a condom and slowly he pushes his raging hard cock deep into Damien’s virgin tight crack. Damien moans and groans as he feels his asshole get stuffed full and shouts out even louder as Max starts fucking him a bit harder and faster with each hard thrust.

Max moves over to a stepladder and climbs up on it with one foot up high up and the other one staying low down. Damien licks and chews on his ring piece, and when Max’s asshole is dripping wet with his saliva, he slides his dick in and is amazed at how hot and tight it feels around his invading cock.
Damien West gets back on top of Max’s cock and rides him until his hot cum shoots out of his pulsating dick which lands on the floor. Max Carter stands up and as he jerks on his aching dick, his cum flies out of his cock, which lands in a puddle next to Damien’s juicy hot jizz.
Damien West has a lean body full of dark hair and a lovely hard chest. He is a young bottom and has an eight inch uncut dick. He has brown hair, brown eyes and is six foot tall. Damien has starred in five hardcore movies for and he stars in the next to thrilling episodes in this series.
Max Carter is a six foot 1 versatile man with a smooth muscular body and an eight inch uncut cock. He has black hair, blue eyes, and has stared in 27 hardcore movies for His last movie is ‘Stealth fuckers Part 9’, which also stars Matt Anders.

Best Gay Pornstars from Next Door World

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